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EnvI brings to you designs which stand out in their own right with styles that either creates a distinctive statement about you or gets you so comfortable with what you wear because it complements who you are so naturally. At EnvI, customers are made to feel special at our store. We serve with our heart.



nahui ollin logo

In 2003 Nahui Ollin (pronounced now-we-oh-lean) was established based on a need we saw for “green” alternatives in fashion accessories. Since its inception, we have filled that need, maintained success and furthered our mission to provide ethical and fashionable items to our growing following of ‘conscious’ fashionistas.


Nahui Ollin designer Olga Abadi discovered the ancient Mayan technique of binding everyday materials into handbags at a cultural festival in Mexico. She realized that this process not only prevents the emission of harmful chemicals into our atmosphere by recycling, but also allows for the design of unique materials now classified as eco-fashion. By combining this technique and her eye for design, Olga created the Nahui Ollin candy wrapper handbag.


Nahui ollin signature candy wrapper bags come in a range of cool colours and shapes, making them the perfect accessory for a day at the market or a stroll down the red carpet. Nahui ollin utilizes a MAYAN crafting technique of folded paper and transforms them into a stylish collection of bags and accessories for fashionistas and eco-conscious shoppers alike. Made from up to over 4000 individual candy wrappers, each piece is passionately and patiently hand made by craftsmen and following the same process of folding, weaving and sewing, which can take up to 4 days to complete. While the bags are made of candy wrappers, gum wrappers and soda bottle labels, they stand the test of time and weather for tear-free, long term durability. What you once would have discarded without hesitation, has been transformed and reshaped into the next must have fashion accessory.

With Nahui Ollin, you are truly purchasing a one of a kind piece. All of our goods are produced under Fair Trade and Sweatshop free practices in Mexico. This has enabled us to create a cottage industry there, and the sale of every Nahui Ollin item helps support local artisans who rely on this trade to care for their land and their families.

眼看著每年有數以千萬的糖紙、汽水標籤未被使用 就遭到棄置,NAHUI OLLIN的設計師將其從飲料和 糖果包裝工廠中回收作為獨特的素材,結合瑪雅族 人精湛的編織技藝,將之變身成為集時尚前衛與輕 巧耐用與一身的潮流產物。每個手袋都由多達 4000張不同的糖紙或標籤編織而成,製作需時更 可長達四日四夜。千變萬化的原材料搭配加之獨具 匠心的手工打造,擦出讓人意想不到的火花,令每 個手袋都獨一無二!

NAHUI OLLIN的品牌概念源於綠色時尚設 計的需求。設計師Olga Abadi在一次墨 西哥文化展覽上看到瑪雅族人精湛的編織 技巧,在驚歎萬分之餘,她開始構思將生 活中的廢棄物品再重新設計利用,貫徹環 保時尚的概念,將其打造成新穎的潮流配 飾,於是創立了NAHUI OLLIN品牌。從 2003年成立至今,NAHUI OLLIN不但履行 環保的理念,更堅持推動公平貿易,希望 透過獨特的產品設計與貿易,民族工藝的 承傳,幫助當地藝術家一展所長,並改善 當地民眾生活質素。




harveys logo

HARVEYS original seatbelt bags was started in 1997 by husband and wife team, Dana and Melanie Harvey. While installing seatbelts into their 1950 Buick, they had the idea of making Melanie a matching handbag. Everyone loved hers so much they decided to make more. HARVEYS brand identity stems from timeless design and American craftsmanship, playful and woven with wit. HARVEYS is about style, not status. Built out of automotive grade seatbelt, HARVEYS seatbelt bags not only are built to last but are fade resistant. HARVEYS uses eco-friendly processes for creating colourful versions and prints of the seatbelts.




monsan logo

Monsan is a new brand which appeals to the fashionista who has an appreciation for a minimalist style with great attention to details of the cut from tops to dress to pants to jackets, sparing no dare for colour and no lag for the latest innovative materials for all four seasons. 





batucada logo

Batucada designs, develops and manufactures Eco Friendly rubber jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, armbands, foot jewel & earrings), fashion accessories and decorative items. Our collections feature design-conscious modern materials that are also a true pleasure to wear. Thanks to its Eco Friendly material & its talented designers, Batucada rubber jewelry is marketed in 5 continents in concept, design & fashion stores. Our synthetic rubber, “Eco Friendly”, is tough, flexible, and seawater resistant – it even floats! It actually adapts to the contours of your body, remembering your shape for a perfect fit, like a second skin. And it’s ultra-lightweight! All the whims are possible: in the evening, in the beach, in the city or during a sports activity, BATUCADA rubber jewels agree all the dresses and the humors. Batucada is a whole new generation of rubber jewellery, for tattoo effects, necklaces that morph into bracelets or vice versa, in a dazzling array of shapes and colours.

Our exclusive & unique Eco Friendly formula only uses eco friendly certified components. BATUCADA jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, armbands, foot jewel & earrings) & design articles respect the nature and the environment thanks to a clean, non polluting production. Our packaging uses recycled & recycling paper. Many people assimilate our eco friendly plastic to rubber or silicone. It is not true, our eco friendly plastic is much more silky and qualitative.ry, for tattoo effects, necklaces that morph into bracelets or vice versa, in a dazzling array of shapes and colours.